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Vichingo is the wine brand co-created and creative directed by G.E.O., alongside friends in the wine industry. We believe equally in inspired farming, hands-off winemaking and the power of storytelling. Each year we ask ourselves: who do we love in the wine world and where do we want to make something unexpected?

We began in Tuscany’s Maremma, where we make a no sulphur skin contact Vermentino with friend AnnaMaria of Val di Toro. In year two we traveled to California’s Redwood Valley to create a crushable red, Violet Swell with Kenny Likitprokang of Hobo Wine Company. Following that, we created Lust for Light, a delicious and airy Valdigue based co-ferment. Next up, we head to Spain for a gorgeous Trousseau.

Vichingo can be found at over a hundred stores around the country and has even been judged by André Hueston Mack on his Bon Appétit World of Wine Series (with a rave review of “this is a really cool wine!”).